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---General Information---

Name: Tsuruji Ren (鶴児 蓮 = two cranes, lotus blossom)
Nicknames: Ren-chan, Tomatohead, Pretty Boy
Rank: Eleventh Division unseated
Age: 207 as of The Winter War
Gender: Intersex, identifies as male
Race: Shinigami
Theme song: Demon Days [Gorillaz]

Partner: Misashi Yukiya
Children: Arashi, Kirin, Umi (daughters), Sora (son)
Others: Tsuruji Ayame (sister), Kitashirakawa Hisako (mother)

Appearance: Tall, lanky and lean, with an open, expressive face and a somewhat feminine air about him. Ren stands at 6'3", weighing in at around 76kgs. His most striking feature is his hair: thick and flyaway, cut to the shoulder, naturally a deep, fiery red-orange colour. His eyes are wide and deep-set, ringed by thick gold lashes; their colour is a dark lime green, flecked with bright yellow around the pupils. His complexion is redhead-pale, with permanent pink blushes high on his cheeks. He has a long thin nose, and high eyebrows usually cocked in a quizzical expression; his chin is sharp, curving up into a round jaw and down to a long, slim neck and prominent collarbones. His limbs are long, covered in lean muscle and with prominent sinews, especially around his wrists and ankles. He's got big hands and feet; the leanness and length of his body makes him look like someone's grabbed him by the wrists and ankles, and stretched. His bone structure is clearly visible, but he's not quite skeletal; he just doesn't have much mass to him. His only other feature of note is the many scars which crisscross his body, particularly on his torso and legs. These vary in age, size, and apparent method of creation: there are long thin sword slices, jagged clawmarks, neat surgical scars, and some which can only have come from torture. Even among the battle-scarred warriors of the Eleventh Division, Ren's collection is considered painfully extensive.

Thanks to his upbringing as a kimono merchant's child, Ren possesses a highly developed sense of style. His shinigami uniform reflects this as well as his civilian clothes; in rather good nick for an Eleventh-Divisioner's clothes, it fits him well. He wears the standard black hakama and kosode, with his white shitagi sleeves fitting snugly over his arms down to his palms, his fingers and thumbs all that protrudes from the ends. His sash is a loose purple scarf, tied at the side of his hip in a loose half-bow. Off-duty, he has an eye for good clothes, and tends to dress in leaf-greens, russets and shades of fiery orange. He prefers men's clothing to women's, and yukata to gi or hakama. Often when he dresses casually he will leave his shitagi loosely tucked, as with his shihakushō, so that it bares the scars on his chest.

Personality: Ren is an earnest, straightforward individual, whose accepting nature tends to endear him to most people. Kind at heart, with an almost childlike faith in figures of authority, he is ruled for the most part by his emotions and instincts, his heart rather than his head. He devotes his entire heart to those whom he loves with an almost shocking depth and intensity. While he lacks ambition and a sense of adventure, he is open and tolerant of changes, and adapts well to them. He is known for being a trustworthy, devoted friend.

His tumultuous life has had a huge impact on not only the way he views the world, but the way he views himself as well. Having spent his childhood years believing himself to be wholly female, he has a lot of the traits society at the time deemed desirable in girls, not only because of a natural disposition towards them but because for those early years, that was his training. The uncertainty and upheaval of the years between puberty and his premature death, along with the rough years in Outer Rukongai afterwards, instilled in him a loose sort of toughness, and self-awareness. Ren knows his own weaknesses well, and guards against them as well as he can. Torture during his captivity in Hueco Mundo almost broke him, but his recovery has forged him tougher than ever, allowing to recognise his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

Ren is intelligent, but not obviously so. Academic theory, even basic bookwork, often confuses the hell out of him. He did not learn to read until he reached the Shinigami Academy, and much prefers speech, tending to commit things to memory via little nonsense songs and poems. It is far easier for him to understand abstract things like emotions and thought processes, as to these things there are no definite right or wrong answers. He thus tends to think in a rambling, roundabout sort of a way. He is easily distracted and easily manipulated, as much of his mental energy is taken up by being a man in what is essentially a woman's body. He feels the necessary subterfuge as a constant stress.

Ren is less than decisive, and thanks to an ingrained lack of confidence is prone to second-guessing himself. The one exception to this is in battle; Ren's naturally instinctual fighting style and odd affinity for close combat doesn't give him the time to falter. He feels constantly torn in two directions by his physical sex – whether to be male or female is a question he cannot answer. He feels he should be male, and thus identifies himself as a man, but his upbringing and the fact that his physiology functions as female to the extent that he was able to carry three separate pregnancies to full term suggest to him that he should instead be female. This indecisiveness, constant going back and forth between two options is something he has struggled with constantly over his long life. As a result, he prefers to leave the decision-making to Yukiya wherever possible.

He passes his free time with reading, sparring, housework (which he actually enjoys; it occupies his hands in ways he doesn't need to think about), and provided the day is warm enough, swimming. Ren loves the water, and tries to swim as often as he possibly can, being a regular patron of Seireitei's heated baths when winter's cold renders the local river a Bad Idea. He is at his happiest when he has something constructive to do, which is why he likes house chores, particularly cooking. He has an affinity for birds and water creatures, and likes big dogs, but thanks to a slight allergy he has to admire the neighbourhood hounds from afar. When there's the slightest rhythm to the sounds around him, he often begins to dance if he believes he is alone.

His dislikes are diverse in range but few in number, including among them digging, being around freshly-dug sites, and the scent of patchouli, because it really does smell like freshly-turned earth. This stems from the plowed field where he spent the three days dyinf of lockjaw. He's not lazy when assigned to physical labor, but if he has to dig he tends to put all of his energy into it, just to get the task completed so that he can move on from it. Paradoxically, this means that he is often assigned to digging tasks, as he's viewed to be quite good at it. He hasn't figured this out yet, and while he is bright enough to eventually do so, concentrating long enough to figure out something so unimportant has proved beyond him thus far.

Ren's shy, sensitive manner in public has sometimes given people the erroneous impression that he is either weak, naïve or cowardly. He seeks to avoid conflict in his everyday life, and his tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve is considered shameful by the stoic set within the Eleventh Division. Despite this, in his first hundred years as a shinigami Ren has distinguished himself as a fairly competent swordsman and unarmed fighter who does not lack for guts.

Mentally, he is strong. These days, he bends before the wind, but he will not break.



• "Come on, Tsuruji! Are you a man or a mouse?!"
"Well, actually, now that you mention it..."

• "I've had no control over my own life for the past eighteen years, and now you're asking me to give up even more of what little self-control I've regained? ...You must be kidding me."

• "Come on, Yukiya! Dance with me!"


---The Hive---

During his time in Hueco Mundo, Ren suffered full Hollowfication, afterwards undergoing Dissociation to revert his spirit body to that of a shinigami. These two destructive processes combined with Ren's rather unusual mental state had the effect of splitting his soul into many different pieces, some small, some large. As time went by, these shards of his soul began to develop their own lives and minds. These minds have been nicknamed 'the Hive'—'hachisu'— as a collective.

Each of the Hive is markedly different from the others. They have their own idioms, traits and mannerisms separate from Ren's— for example, Bird speaks in the Kansai dialect, while Rage's mere presence near electrical and radio devices will cause them to short-circuit and go haywire. Most of the Hive are aware of each other's existence; the more talkative ones often hold entire conversations or arguments in the back of Ren's mind. They are secretive people, and it took years for some of them to reveal themselves to Ren, let alone everyone else in Ren's life. Some have yet to evidence at all.

They were not formed by random occurrences. The cracks along which Ren's soul separated were formed by particular events, memories and weaknesses; these became the main influences on the Hive members which grew from the soul-shards. Pain, desire, hope, a will to survive, a will to protect, and a deeply embedded need for guidance became the Hive's ultimate nexus.

Ren: The first-born child, the core, original mind. Ren is present 95% of the time, and has control over his body for most of that. The main focus of this bio.

The Blood Knight: Cool, businesslike and fiercely independent, the Blood Knight gives the illusion of knowing everything. She is frighteningly efficient, acting in the world in place of Rage, whose excess emotion renders her incapable of human interaction. Rigid and unbending as she must be to control such a force of nature, the Blood Knight is sheer endurance and self-control personified.

The Protector The name is kind of self-explanatory; the Protector evolved as a way to shield the younger (smaller, developing) minds from harm. He is scarred and rock-solid, and though he is constantly aware of Ren's circumstances, he seldom makes his presence known. The one surefire way to rouse him to his true (terrifying) potential is to threaten those whom he guards.  

Bird: The third of the main personalities, Bird's main responsibility and purpose is finding freedom where there is none. She is easily distracted, and loves craft of any kind. The positive and neutral personalities look to her for leadership. She's female, and obviously so—when she is 'driving,' so to speak, it becomes increasingly hard to discern Ren's true gender. She was also the one responsible for naming the Hive.

The Wallflower: A hollow shell of the first-born child, who cannot feel anything for herself. The Wallflower is like an automaton, able to give simple answers and perform basic functions, but is not capable of any higher thought. She is used as a mask, or a second protective skin by most of the Hive.

Rage: Her name is very apt—she is a manifestation of pure rage and will to destruction. Rage is her entire existence, and should she ever escape the Blood Knight's hold she will turn it on friend and foe alike. Electrical appliances hate her. When she evidences, the irises of Ren's eyes turn an eerie bright yellow colour as Ren's pupils contract to little more than pinpricks. She is the one who holds the key to Ren's most destructive talent – Utahime no Gekido's invisible sixth song.

Hollow Girl The remnants of the half-Hollow, half-shinigami thing Ren once was. She has the mental age of an infant, and yet holds a large part of Ren's considerable reiatsu.

JJ: Wild and resentful of authority, JJ is the most outwardly masculine of the Hive members, and also the most volatile. Where Rage is inevitably a spitting ball of fury, JJ's moods run the gamut from hysteric amusement to a slow and vicious wrath. He deals with the Hive's memories of shame and resent; suffering from a chronic sense of his own inadequacy, JJ takes his own self-loathing out on everyone around him. As with Rage, when JJ is in control of Ren's body, the yellow center of his irises becomes much more apparent.

Ai: Her purpose is to love. She deals with the feelings the others find disgusting or frightening, such as trust or attraction. She is bright and sweet, a very sensual and honest being. As one of the multitude who 'sit behind' Bird, Ai in turn has two who range themselves behind her, dealing with similar purposes.

Kagura: One of the newest minds to develop, Kagura is an offshoot of the Protector, a mother's nurturing instinct given physical expression. She is the softness and warmth the Protector lacks, but like him she protects her children with fanatical zeal.

Lea: Bird's artistic ability given a mind of her own. Lea is somewhat superficial—her thought processes are simple at best, sometimes almost mindless—but her skill at taking what she sees (and sometimes what she doesn't see) and putting it down on paper is unparalleled. She deals solely with patterns and pictures.

Chi: Derives pleasure from pain in order to thrive in the most unpleasant of situations. As one of the two dealing with pleasure, Chi sits behind Ai, but her efforts directly fuel Rage's temper tantrums.

Hazuki: Dead, in every sense of the word but the literal. Hazuki is a zombie of sorts, emotionally dead and not capable of existing in her own terms, but filling a very important role among the Hive. She deadens feeling, enveloping those personalities which tend towards an excess of emotion.

Lolita: Young, thoughtless, and with enough sexual knowledge to run several low-class brothels, Lolita is a reflection of physical desire—something which makes her very unpopular among the more fatalistic Hive components, who resent the power she has over Ren's life and choices.

Midori: Midori is a nonentity, the oldest of the Hive yet little more than an inert lump of memories. Once, she had a mind of her own – now she has devolved into a mindless sack of leftover echoes and memories. JJ uses her as an outlet to pour the most poisonous thoughts into.

Nozomi: JJ's sister, Nozomi has been sleeping for years, and is only recently beginning to show signs of waking. She is the Hive's embodiment of hope.

Arisa: Sarcastic, cynical, and innately attuned to body language, Arisa uses her words as the only weapons she can bear to be around. She is a young mind, permanently torn between love and hate, black and white, male and female.

Nadeshiko: The eldest of the Flowers, four young girls who carry the lion's share of the Hive's emotional anguish. They are the Protector's main charges. Nadeshiko's cracking point is guilt, and her roots reach back even further than Ren's Hollowfication, back to his childhood in the living world.

Yuri: Trusts, and is betrayed. She is the most withdrawn of all Ren's people, seldom even paying attention to the outside world.

Ayame: The Flowers' dead sister. She despairs so completely that it took death to lift her from such a bleak worldview. Death among the Hive is not a literal death: Ayame still functions, but her emotional depth and will to socialise are gone forever.

Kiku: Ayame's daughter… of a sort. She was created to be Ayame's replacement, and yet she isn't quite so crushed by despair as her mother was.

Hinagiku: Inquisitive and amazingly intelligent, Hinagiku restrains herself, always striving to be 'better' as according to certain old societal ideals. Like Ren, inadequacy constantly nips at her heels.

Me: Selfish and afraid, Me is a very small child. She wants attention, and yet is terrified of it. She sits behind the Blood Knight, and is protected by Rage.

Baby: A young girl fully dependent on others for life, and the Protector's constant morality pet.

Dark: Sheer insurmountable pain killed this one. Dark holds the original cracking point of Ren's mind within himself, and in turn he exhibits myriad different personality traits in the few instances where he takes control of Ren's body. Like Rage and JJ, he is immediately recognisable; his eyes are dark green with huge pupils, glassy and dead.

Puppy: Filled with boundless energy, Puppy follows at the heels of the nearest authority figure. Once, he was the strongest of all the Hive, along with Hollow Girl. When she was reduced to her current state, Puppy's influence went with her.

Yayoi: The Flowers' dead mother. Along with Midori, she is little more than a shell now. Puppy uses her skin to add to his influence.



Later, suckers <3


---Battle Information---

Strengths: -hakuda and kenjutsu; a natural hand-to-hand combatant
• strong physical offence (hakuda-based), capable of surprising physical strength and power
• physical and mental endurance/resilience
• intuition, natural fighter's instincts
• dexterity and agility, surprising grace in a fist fight
• The Hive

Weaknesses: -conscious reiatsu manipulation (kido etcetera, some zanjutsu)
• nonexistent mid-and-long-range capabilities (without bankai), sub-par defensive skills
• tactics and strategy: not an intellectual fighter in the slightest
• nonexistent composure; often lets his heart rule his head, so to speak
• significant psychological issues
• The Hive...

Fighting Style: Ren is an instinctual rather than intellectual fighter, preferring to act and react in the here and now rather than plan ahead. He is a cautious, but imaginative combatant, combining the disciplines of kenjutsu and hakuda with the occasional brawling trick. Ren goes by the saying that the best defense is a good offence; as a result his attacking is rather better than his defense skills. A very capable fighter once you get him going, Ren's preferred discipline is hakuda with a uniquely Tsuruji twist. His experiences in Rukongai taught him how to survive and how to win fights; as a result he doesn't stick solely to the official Academy-taught hakuda style, but blends it with all the other martial art disciplines he's ever come across. Honor in a fight comes a distant second to survival.

His speed and physical deftness allow him to rapidly switch modes of attack, making use of his imagination and flair for melee-based combat to outwit his opponents. He has the intuition to feel the shape of a fight and judge the best mode of attack almost unconsciously; this coupled with his natural grace and acquired skill make him a particularly challenging opponent to face. While his physical resilience and endurance is considerable, Ren suffers in prolonged combat because of his inability to plan ahead, and prior to the creation of the Hive, his relative lack of reiatsu strength. The presence of the Hive has created a whole new set of problems, chief among them the trauma of torture and Hollowfication.

After the Winter War, his fighting style changes somewhat in order to accommodate the appearance of the Hive. The Hive members who fight do so in a variety of different ways, which means that the way Ren attacks depends on which of the Hive is currently 'driving', so to speak. JJ favours a direct offensive, relying on speed combined with what strength and power he can dredge up out of Ren's skinny body. Rage is a textbook berserker with the added advantage of an immense and  positively horrifying reiatsu field. The Blood Knight is a more tactile fighter, utilizing every dirty trick and field advantage she can muster up. Others, notably Chi and the Protector, simply ignore any wounds they might suffer, advancing inexorably towards their goals.

Zanpaku-to: Aoi • 碧 • blue

Sealed Form: Aoi is a rather nondescript zanpaku-to, notable only for its size. It is a nodachi, a large two-handed field sword used for swinging strikes rather than fast stabbing thrusts, in shirasaya form—that is, lacking any visible tsuba or hilt decoration. When sheathed, the hilt melds smoothly into the sheath, both made of dull ashy wood with clear lacquer to provide a little extra hardness. The naked blade is plain steel with a faint wave pattern to the tempering, curving to just over a metre in length.

Spirit: As if to contrast to her rather plain outward appearance, Aoi in her spirit form is a rather striking humanoid. She is naked, female on her left side, with a clearly defined waist, wide hips and a single perky breast; on her right side, she is male, with a broader shoulder, flat pectoral, and narrow hips. Her skin is deep royal blue, mottled eggplant-purple on her shoulders and upper back, while her hair and eyes are the bright red of arterial blood. Her face is sharply angled on both sides, fully androgynous; her hair is cut short on the male side, and worn long on the female side. Her voice fluctuates between the male and female ranges. She defines herself as female simply because Ren defines himself as being male.

Aoi's world is a huge cavern buried deep in granite. It is a perfect sphere, maybe a kilometre in radius, and lit from within by some kind of luminescence in the air. Wild, pulsing music emanates from the stone walls, bass line thumping loud enough that it resonates through the visitor's skeleton. The rhythms and beats are infectious, as if willing your body to move with them. When Ren and Aoi do battle in the outside world, the music in the cavern increases several times over in intensity.  

-->Release Phrase: "Sing, Aoi!"

Shikai: As a pure melee-type release, Aoi's shikai does not appear to undergo any real physical change. Instead the blade begins to vibrate at a super-high frequency. These vibrations make the blade act a little like a buzz-saw, enabling it to cut through even the toughest of substances. Stone, concrete, an Arrancar's hierro; they might as well be butter for all the resistance they put up. The vibrations emit sound, usually at a frequency far too high for humans to hear (although it drives Komamura crazy). After five minutes, these sounds lower somewhat in pitch, enough to be on the edge of human hearing. They sound a little like orchestral music, though strident and layered under a note which makes your ears bubble uncomfortably if you get too close.

Because of the subtle nature of Aoi's shikai, it is often mistaken for a constant-release zanpaku-to, and less cautious opponents may assume that lack of any showy additions or kido effects make it a weak weapon. However, like Ren himself, Aoi hides her true power under a nondescript skin.

Bankai: Utahime no Gekido • 歌姫の激怒 • the singer's rage
Ren's bankai is strange. Aoi defines it in emotions rather than words, so the closest translation of its name that Ren can come to is 'Rage'. Bird often romanticised this to 'the Singer's Rage' when people asked, and the name subsequently stuck.

It originated from the first dozen years following Ren's recovery from Hueco Mundo. Ren's Hollowfication had almost completely split him from Aoi (a process exceedingly painful for both wielder and zanpaku-to), a state that took him almost two decades to fully remedy. In the process, Ren developed a rapport with Aoi so strong that he began to discover many new, previously hidden facets of her nature and powers. With the help and encouragement (and abuse, in some cases) of the Hive, Ren was eventually able to blend these all together in a fully-fledged bankai form.

Aoi in bankai retains the form of a nodachi, with a blade coloured deep royal blue. The shirasaya form melts away, replaced by a standard hilt wrapped in a length of plain undyed cotton, tucked under itself where the hilt meets the endcap, letting the remaining two feet of cloth hang free. The sheath is solid, lacquered hardwood, the upper eight inches or so wrapped in thin strips of royal blue cotton. The tsuba is rectangular, plain bronze, and appears battered and scratched, with deep gouges cut at random across its surface. Even at rest, the blade emits music, orchestral numbers for the most part with a unique wild twist.

Utahime no Gekido's special attacks are six in number, their names deriving ultimately from Latin and the Romance languages as a hangover from Ren's Hueco Mundo days. The prefix 'cante' means 'song'; the nominative 'sonata' refers to an attack guided by Aoi's music, while the equivalent 'cantata' refers to attacks guided by Ren's song. All are named for dances.

The first five are common knowledge, available to each of the Hive members at a pinch; the final is an awesome if impractical expression of pure destructive power – and far, far out of reach of most of the Hive. Utahime no Gekido is primarily focused on large-scale destruction, even more completely unable to do anything subtle or minor in effect than most bankai releases. Like a true diva, it demands attention.

• Cante: Sonata Courante
The first and least impressive of the songs, Sonata Courante is performed with an elegant set of dance steps accompanied by the high piping of a flute. Ren bows low to start, sweeping his sword up and to the right before taking three quick steps forward and turning to the side. Channeled reiatsu along Utahime no Gekido's blade turns the flute notes into four sharp, slicing blasts of sound, stabbing outwards from the sweeping path of the sword. Sonata Courante is invisible to the naked eye; painfully obvious to anyone who can sense reiatsu but deceptively fast and far-reaching.

• Cante: Sonata Allemande
In this second song, the blue colour begins to leech out of Utahime no Gekido's blade and into the air around it, visible only as a faint dark mist at this stage. Sonata Allemande follows the bass notes in the wild music, beginning as Ren holds Utahime no Gekido parallel to the ground in front of his chest. Reiatsu gathers in the blade, released by a sharp gesture from Ren; it blasts out from the tip of the blade in an ever-widening shockwave. It will shatter glass, pulverize concrete and bone, and deafen anyone who has the misfortune to be caught in its path.

• Cante: Cantata Gaillarde
This third song is triggered by the chanting of a seven-line chorus, accompanied by a rousing crescendo in the wild music. Cantata Gaillarde starts as an upward strike; Ren steps low, forward once again, sweeping Utahime no Gekido across in front of him as he begins the chant, accompanied by the sound of a full orchestra. On the first line, the ground three paces in front of him ruptures and is pushed up, repeating this on each subsequent line of the chant.

The chorus chanted by Ren to trigger this attack is as follows: "Panis angelicus / fit panis hominum / Dat panis caelicus / figuris terminum / O res mirabilis! / manducat Dominum / Pauper, servus, et humilis." The pitch and speed at which he chants the words can be varied to produce a slower, earthquake-like rupture, or a rapid uplift.

• Cante: Sonata Minuet
Sonata Minuet is a two-step attack, set up by a series of four short steps towards the opponent's left side. Ren holds Utahime no Gekido vertically in front of his chest, both hands on its hilt; then on a sharp piano chord lunges forward with a left-handed slash angled slightly downwards. His reiatsu flows outward from the strike in the form of many massive curved blades, slicing outwards on a wide, far-reaching path.

The second stage takes place while the opponent is still reeling from the first. String instrument melodies carry the reiatsu back to Ren, who then takes two short, quick steps forward, turns slightly to the left and attacks with a right-handed, battering slash. This time the sword blade itself is projected via reiatsu, capable of slicing deep into solid steel and granite. To an enemy hurt and disoriented from the first stage, this precise, sweeping slash is almost impossible to avoid.    

• Cante: Cantata Sarabande
This final attack once again uses the chorus-chant to set it up. Ren faces east and with quick steps turns a full rapid circle, raising Utahime no Gekido above his heat to point unerringly at the highest point of the sky. As he chants, a curtain veil of blue energy traces a circle around him seven metres in radius. On the last line, the circle is complete; Ren lets Utahime no Gekido's point drop to the ground, and a pure weight of reiatsu bears down on everything within the diameter of the circle.

• Cante: 'the invisible sixth'
This attack is solely the preserve of Rage, as she is the only Hive member who possesses the will to dominate Utahime no Gekido's power so totally. The invisible sixth was never meant to exist; it is an overloading of all the previous songs into one giant maelstrom. It is as incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe as Rage herself, and thus has no practical use, save for perhaps as an army-killer. Essentially Rage hijacks the wild music, inlaying it with reiatsu so thickly it becomes visible to the naked eye, and then lashing out at the landscape around her with terrifying power. It is not one of Aoi's natural abilities; it uses up all of Ren's and Utahime no Gekido's collective reiatsu, making it a considerable threat to their own health. Recovery after using it takes them between ten days and two weeks.  



• Ren was my second Bleach OC, originally created close to four years ago. He has changed a lot in that time, switching genders at least twice, while his hair gradually got oranger and oranger. It ends up a slightly different shade every time I draw him…

• If it ever looks like I draw his nose oddly long, that's just because he does have a long nose. Long face, long body, long legs, long nose. He's a very long person.

• The chant used in his bankai comes from the Gregorian Chant, actually. I'm no good at lyrics; I have to borrow them from elsewhere…


:love: I know it's not good to go gushing on about how cute your character is, but Ren's just got such a kicked-puppy feel to him I can't help it. ;w; He's one of my favourites, beyond any doubt... which is, of course, why I put him through such crap. :lol:

:star: For the uninitiated, 'dissociation' is a process I and a friend of mine made up for a fic we had planned just about four years back. It separates the reishi particles that make up a soul, removing corrupting influences such as Hollow reishi. The thing is, it's a risky process, and often highly damaging to the soul undergoing it. Ren was one of seventeen Hollowfied shinigami to undergo dissociation in an effort to turn them back into normal shinigami again. It worked perfectly for two of them, Ren was another, less perfect success, and of the rest, four went insane, one became a sort of reverse-arrancar and was killed, and the rest just sort of... dissolved.

• Outside references •

--> Wikipedia: Shirasaya swords - Nodachi swords
--> about tetanus/lockjaw
--> I use for my Japanese translations, particularly those involving kanji

--> Tropes: Voice Of The Legion, Bifauxnen, Beware The Nice Ones, Adorkable, Hot Dad, Really Seven Hundred Years Old

• Other Useful Links •

--> Ren’s Battle Data Sheet
--> Yukiya’s Profile Sheet
--> Kem’s Bleach OC Master List

• The Winter War •

All my Bleach OCs live in an AU version of the Bleachverse, containing the shinigami and Arrancar canon characters but no-one else. The timeline this works differently – with no Ichigo around, the Winter War against Aizen lasted for almost eighteen years and became something of a near-apocalypse as far as Soul Society was concerned.

-Bleach in general is © to Tite Kubo
-the picture up the top is © to ~Berrycake, original found HERE
-Ren, Yukiya and their storyline are © to me, =Kemmasandi
-Profile template © to me again, base is HERE
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Okay, let's get this critique started!

Appearance: The height is in US Standard measurements, but the weight is the unit used in every other part of the world. I would either change both to the same kind of standard units (feet/inches and pounds or centimeters/kilograms), or use one and put the conversion in parenthesis. I feel like your sentence structure is slightly awkward and confusing, the one that rubs off of me as that would be the sentence about his hair - it just doesn't flow well to me. And I wonder how his eyelashes are golden, because they should match his hair color. I like the rest of the description a lot, it's worded and nicely and very detailed so that I could have a clear image in my head of him even without the preview image.

Personality: I'm always iffy about pointing out how others would see him, however, I feel that if the person is earnest, then most people wouldn't have a problem with him, so it makes sense. I like that you can see a progression in his strength because of the events he experienced, that really adds to the depth of his character. I feel like you had written it all so elegantly and then you just throw, "confuses the hell out of him," XD. Now, would that be how you would word it or how he would? He does seem like the person that would be socially awkward, but when it comes to something like battle, he'd know what he was doing...I don't know why...but it would make sense that way. xD I feel that his personality is pretty lengthy and that some parts probably could be moved to his history. But I love the last line in that section a lot. <333

Quotes: For his second quote, did he mean that in a bitter way? In his personality describing when he fights I didn't really get if he enjoyed fighting or not, whether he wanted to become stronger or whether he was the kind of person that disliked fighting and only cared for it if it was a last resort.

The Hive: Ooh, it sounds like he has multiple personality disorder. I really love every single part of the Hive, because they're all very different from each other and it is truly fascinating that you were basically able to break the human mind down into these traits.

Bio: I was wondering why Ren didn't have a history. xDDD That's why I felt like a lot of parts to him went unexplained that would be explained in this part...IF IT WAS THERE, lol.

Battle Information: Fair warning...I suck at judging powers/abilities, no lie. >.> However, I can say that I do feel that his strengths and witnesses match his character. I also feel that the Hive should be placed under both strengths and weaknesses, the ones that would be helpful in a battle under strengths and the ones detrimental to his chances under weaknesses. I really love the spirit of Aoi, it definitely correlates well with Ren. Instead of describing his Bankai as "strange," I would replace the word with "unusual." I really like the whole music/vibrations theme to it. His Bankai is astounding, I'm amazed that you were able to think of something so original and unique!

Notes: Pfft, I like that he flip-flopped between genders. xD

Overall, I have to say that this is an incredible character. Every part of it is so unique, because I have to admit that I have never seen a character (original or canon), that was a hermaphrodite. So Ren is the first! To me he seems like a very balanced character and it's clear to see that you put a lot of time and effort into him. :) I hope that this critique gave something to you, because I don't feel it was very good...there weren't a lot of mistakes to point out, after all, lol.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

Ookay, here we go~ As I said, I love Ren, and I'm probably not going to find much wrong here XD

General info: Everything looks good here, it's always refreshing to see unseated OCs, since everyone seems to think gaining a seat is incredibly easy right out of the academy~

Again, I love the pairing, and the fact that he's transgendered. It's a really interesting touch.

Love the appearance description, very clear and not too wordy. And the fact that you have someone who was tortured and actually has something to show for it.

I'm so glad you have him trans and describe how it's affected him. There's a good balance between negative and positive traits, and the description makes it easy to imagine his character without reading his story. The indecisive factor is well explained, and very unique for an OC like him.

Everything is well explained, and I don't see any problems here~

The Hive: This was a big risk you took in the character, and I really like it. Instead of just becoming a visored or a hollow, you took the hollowfication thing a step further and it works really well.
The one thing I would like to see is how they interact with the outside world, if at all. You mentioned Ren is present 95% of the time, but it is unclear (to me at least) how and when different hive members take control, if at all.

Someday I'd like to read the bio too~

Battle information: Strengths match the 11th divisioner model, which makes sense. So do the weaknesses, and it's a nice balance.

The fighting style is a nice touch, and fits his personality well. I like that you added the bit for the hive, that sort of answers my previous question~

zanpakuto: Excellent descriptions, and the spirit is extremely suitable for Ren.

And hooray for vibrational zanpakuto~
It does strike me wrong that an unseated shinigami has a bankai, though. Just a personal thing, and it is well explained, and probably would be better explained with a bio~
Despite that, it's well thought out and described, and you obviously did your research for it. And I like the final attack being only used by Rage, it makes perfect sense C:

And the notes are a nice touch too~

All in all, outstanding character! So bravo haha
What do you think?
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Xsign-of-fireX Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your Bleachverse AU. A lot. 

(And I also like Ren :3 He seems like a really awesome and well-developed character! ^^ )
Kenji-Leon-Gunji Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
again i really wish i had more people like this in my group it's an awsome oc good work
Aya-Shiroi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this OC, it's so rare to see anyone like this. His design and backstory very interesting. I also like the idea about the Winter War being longer and more damaging to the Soul Society~
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, I'm glad you think so! :woohoo: I have a lot of fun with Ren, making sure he stands out of the crowd~
Aya-Shiroi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad~ Sadly my OC, Tenshi, doesn't get noticed a whole lot, so I'm very glad he can. :3
Eriin84 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is not the first time I read this profile, even though I know nearly nothing about Bleach, aside from names and the irritating habit of one of the main antagonists to have plans that take EVERYTHING in account, from the precession of the equinoxes to how many times my aunt's dog sneezed today... anyway, reason for my addiction to this profile is the part about the Hive. I don't know why, but I really love it. And somehow I feel like this profile is very much the expression of your addiction to creating OC. A character with so many other characters inside of him? must be Heaven
Not a thoughtful comment, I know, just wanted to let you know how much I like this
dragonofthesand Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mother of gods, this is an excellently thought out character ;u;
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, thank you very much! :blush: That's almost five years' worth of development in that profile, so I'm glad you think so ♥
dragonofthesand Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
All those years definitely show <3
Chicky--poo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very interesting OC. :meow:
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :D
Infernalfeather Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW he is complicated O.O
Incredible profile
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
XD Yeah... I've had him for close to five years now, so I have a crapload of information about him.
Thank you very much! ♥
Infernalfeather Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That is quite a long time O.O
You're welcome :D
thanks for the watchback :iconbigheartplz:
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I've been a bleach fan for years and years XD Zaraki and Yachiru drew me in~

No problemo, thank you for the watch in the first place!
Infernalfeather Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh sweet :D the great story and pacing of the SS brought me in. Then everything else after kept getting worse and my interest in bleach was meh. But this last arc really got me back into it.

:D you're welcome!
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
XD Me too, really. I worshipped the ground Kubo walked on while the SS arc was going on~ But then about halfway through the Arrancar arc I realised I really didn't care about anyone but Renji, Iba and the eleventh-divisioners anymore, so I quit reading and moved on to One Piece instead (which thus far, over 650 chapters later, hasn't disappointed me yet :D) I'll have to have a look at this latest arc though; I hear there have been some dramatic moments lately~
Infernalfeather Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Guess he got lazy when he made it to top 3 manga in Japan status. I never really got into One Piece saw the anime on CN and read over 100 chapters but it never got me interested, just not my cup of tea. The last arc is shaping up to be freaking fantastic, as long as plotkais and popularity BS does not get in the way.
TenshiNoFuu Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
H...... huge :wow:

Really impressive, with a lot of details but nice structure, well done ^_^ Even if I can only talk about the global impast, as I have no knowledge of Bleach universe...
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
XDD Yeah... He's oneof my oldest and most favored OCs, so there's a lot to talk about~

Bleach universe is fairly simple, and I don't even work much off the canon story anyway :lol: I'm glad you think it's nicely set out nevertheless!
TenshiNoFuu Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
Yes, I find it really nicely put :) So Bleach is also the kind of world where you can have characters not involved in the canon story :? It's nice for OC-makers!
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Eh, a lot of npeople got bored with the way the canon story was going on, so we take the concepts like the shinigami/arrancars/soul society etcetera, and then just make our own versions of them. It is pretty cool for OC makers :D
TenshiNoFuu Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
Ooh, I guess it's a good way indeed :) Just like how people create a full standing-alone crew in One Piece, it's interesting too ^_^
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, something like that! Only it's more acceptable in Bleach, 'cause the canon characters aren't so interesting as in OP ^^;
TenshiNoFuu Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012
Oh, I see the point... besides, there are a lot of secondary canon characters that can be used too, right :?
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, exactly! They're the more interesting ones, anyway... Kenpachi for example, and Yachiru~
(1 Reply)
renealexa-diary Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sooo,, what we have to refer this character as? She or He? XD
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He, 'cuz he wants to be a normal guy but he can't. :lol:
renealexa-diary Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
How scary.. ^^; But he's too prety to be boy~ XD
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I know, right? XD Poor Renny, that's why he has trouble ticking the gender boxes on questionnaires :lol:
renealexa-diary Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahhaha! :XD: But as long as he doesn't have breast, he's not one of us.. T__T
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, he doesn't. He likes your reasoning too ;)
renealexa-diary Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
In the end, I just gave up, and let him be the strange boy/girl/thing he was. <-- :? :?
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He's a female pseudohermaphrodite. Means he's got bits from both genders, but biologically he's slightly closer to girl than guy :D
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